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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves cleaning and filling of the infected nerves in the canals of the teeth. This can be caused due cracks and fractures in the tooth, which leads to loss of nerve and vessel vitality. Tooth decay, incorrect dental treatment and restorations are also a few other causes which can lead to the need of root canal treatment.

Failure of early treatment may result in an abscess to form. In time the infection may spread to surrounding areas, this can lead to cysts forming and cause eventually damaging the jawbone.

How do I know I need a root canal?

  • Pain during the day without any stimuli 
  • If there is pain during and after eating
  • Colour change in your teeth as a result of unhealthy or dead nerves
  • Swelling on your face as a result of the abscess forming
  • In some cases, the treatment may be required following dental and radiological examinations, even if there are none of the symptoms above.

Thanks to the latest materials and techniques used in root canal treatments, most of the abscesses at the root tip can be treated. and tooth extractions can be avoided.

Prime Dental has a team of professional endodontic experts. They are in charge of carrying out a complete diagnosis to determine the treatments that best suit the needs of each patient. They offer customized quotes and professional treatments. They also have extensive experience in rotary endodontics, offering comprehensive coverage to each of their patients. Prime Dental professionals are responsible for performing mechanized root canals, more precise than manual ones. Its objective is to reduce pain and inflammation.