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The problems of dental malposition are very frequent. More than 40% of the population suffers some deviation in their bite. According to the diagnosis made, our orthodontist will develop a treatment plan suited to your needs.

At Prime Dental we use the latest technologies to get you to enjoy the best of your smiles.

  • Improves the aesthetics and adjustment of the bite
  • We use the most current techniques
  • We use the most discrete techniques

Apart from the classic metallic brackets, we also have:

  • Orthodontics with ceramic aesthetic brackets: Being the same color as the teeth, they manage to pass more unnoticed. Its ceramic material maintains the color during the treatment, favoring aesthetics and discretion.
  • Orthodontics with lingual brackets: Both the bracket and the wire are hidden on the inside of the teeth, increasing aesthetics and discretion.
  • Orthodontics with the Invisalign system: Without brackets or wires, we use imperceptible transparent splints to correct the alignment of the teeth.

The invisible orthodontics is a comfortable system since fixed brackets are not used
metallic, but removable transparent aligners that will correct the position of

What advantages does it have?

  1. Less gingival inflammation than with other types of orthodontics.
  2. You can brush your teeth and floss normally.
  3. It is extremely comfortable.
  4. It is practically invisible.
  5. Visits to the clinic are much shorter and spaced in time.
  6. The aligners are removable and can be removed for lunch or social events.
  7. You can eat as much as you want since the aligners do not retain food as with conventional brackets.
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